I am trying and failing at every turn to figure out things that I would like to have, at lease I figured out how images work now



my Pillowfort my Cohost my SpaceHey my Toyhou.se my Dreamwidth extra space

Where I review stuff:

Okay so this is gonna be a little bit of a screwy testing, I am Owlcyclops and I enjoy the internet.

I may be able to slowly but might be able to make something you can actully look at with out haveing awfuel flashbacks to your beginner years

If I can pay attention if I can do it. well at least I was able to give my self a nice litte orange (orange? is that even what it is called? it most look likes some kind of reddish orange) but I could use my SpaceHey account as a blog like with a RSS feed or something in order for me to have it update on the site.

Hope someone can see this. Thank you Arkmsworld" and ollys-site so much for all of the trouble.I am just screwed when it comes to coding, so god help us all if I get a job in that area. and now no one can see what else I have written after the thank you. so now I just gotta figure out how to add some more places adn make the place just a little better then usual.

was this a rushed decision so maybe I can get some things done, maybe

okay so my refrences we so freaking big that maybe they should be just refrence sheets.

April 28 2023: so as you can tell I am slowly but surly starting to get a hang of this. I am also considering making more websites so I can make more shrines maybe at the start of next month.